There is a creative work of art, a poem, a song, or a dance in everyone.
Our job is to find them and the joy they bring, and to share them with everyone we meet.

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My Words
These words are mine
But I’m sharing them with whomever will listen
Keeping terms above suspicion
Well in tune
On time And on my mission
These notes are mine
But I’m sharing their motivation
With whoever will move
I’m tired of sharing shadows
Sharing doubts and fears
It’s time to pass along some faith and hope
I’m tired of only spreading tears
These words are mine
But I want you to make them your own
You will only harvest
The seeds your hands have sown
When you get tired of sharing shadows
You can step out into the light
Find your faith and grow your hope
A brighter day can follow any dreadful night
These words are mine
But I want you to make them your own
You will only harvest
The seeds your hands have planted
And that your heart has grown

Naimon Lyons
copyright 2/7/04
All rights reserved


I Still Believe

I still believe there is an omnipotent and merciful God
Who has made the ultimate sacrifice of his Son for the salvation of the world he still loves and reigns mercifully over
I Still Believe… There are earthly parents who love their children more than themselves and are not afraid to show it
I Still Believe… There are trustworthy politicians somewhere who know, understand, and practice honesty and integrity in their personal and public lives
I Still Believe …There are upstanding officers of the law and competent government workers who uphold and are worthy of the public trust
I Still Believe… God has not faltered or diminished his presence or position in the functional or operational details of the greatest or smallest schemes of this world he created
I Still Believe… The earthly realm and all its major and minor players have fallen short and fallen off their marks and lose ground daily
I Still Believe…There are priests and ministers who hunger more for faith and salvation and preaching and teaching the word of God, than for young children and other fallen flesh
I Still Believe… There are teachers who have a greater desire for teaching and learning than preying on and betraying the students entrusted to them
I Still Believe…There are investment bankers, brokers, and funds managers who understand the difference between investing and stealing
I still believe you and I, by the way we live each minute of our lives makes a difference
I still believe although I know
Man cannot measure the magnitude of Heaven
Nor can he comprehend or quantify the treasures
In Grace, Glory, and Mercy that abound eternally
In the home where the fruits of the Spirit are manifest
And are sown freely in inconceivable abundance

Naimon Lyons
1/24/13 from Heaven
All rights reserved